Self-Love as a Foundation

This post isn’t about a product or service. I was thinking today about how important it is to genuinely love and accept oneself, and how vital that can be when on a new journey to better health.

Hopefully, if you’ve made the decision to start trying to be healthier, it’s because you do love yourself. You value your well-being enough to take better care of your body.

But that’s not enough. Valuing your well-being is great, but when you’re going on a fitness journey, you’re really going on two journeys at the same time: reaching better health, and learning to love and accept who you are.

For a lot of people, the second one can often be the harder of the two. Loving yourself doesn’t mean liking the way you look, either.

It means accepting who you are inside and out, while still trying to improve the things that can be improved if you really don’t want to be that person.

If you noticed you complain a lot, that’s something you can try to do less. If you don’t like how dramatic or negative or lazy you are (the list can go on and on) then those are acceptable things to want to change.

The point is, still accepting them about yourself. Telling yourself it’s okay that you have flaws, but it’s also okay to try and be a better person. That goes for health and fitness, too.

Learn to empower yourself because once people around you feel that you’re perfectly okay with who you are, they’ll gravitate toward you. People like that kind of energy.

Negative vibes bring people down, and they make a point to avoid those feelings. They naturally don’t want to be dragged down with you.

So always love and encourage yourself. Don’t depend on others to do it for you because doing so will weaken you. You won’t know how to be okay if those people aren’t in your life one day.

Once you’ve learned to truly be in love with who you are, you’ll become much stronger and happier. So try to use these tips when you’re working toward physical goals too; before you know it, you’ll be the best version of yourself inside and out.

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Benefits of Organifi Green Juice

Whether you’re a glorified health nut, looking for ways to lose weight, or somewhere in-between, you’ve probably considered drinking green smoothies and finding new healthy juices.

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These ingredients are not all commonly found in your every day grocery store. Chlorella specifically is packed with protein, moringa has all the essential amino acids needed in our bodies, and matcha green tea is filled with a specific stress-reducing antioxidant.

That spirulina stuff I mentioned earlier that you’ve probably never heard of? According to, “The Aztecs first discovered this food in Central America, and they consumed it daily for energy and strength.” It is a plant that contains lots of iron and calcium.

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